Your Retirement Fund

If you belong to the working class in Malaysia, regardless whether you are blue collar, white collar or pink collar, in simpler term you are employed by somebody as an employee, you would be familiar with the country’s law mandated retirement scheme. In this retirement fund or scheme, employee and employer are mandated to contribute a portion of the employee’s monthly salary to a retirement fund. Employee can only withdraw this retirement fund at the age of 55 or 60. 60 is currently the official retirement age in the country. The contribution rate is calculated based on the amount of monthly salary. These contributions is then credited into 2 different accounts. Account A and Account B.

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Account A

This account is the retirement portion of the contributing member. 70% of the monthly contribution are credited into this account. Members are not allowed to withdraw this fund before reaching the age of 55 or 60 (which is the official retirement age). However, member can utilise certain amount to invest in unit trust or mutual fund to boost the value of their retirement fund. Investment can only be done through approved financial institutions in the country. This is a pension fund investment scheme for members or employees.

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Pension Fund Investment Scheme For Members

Employee needs to have a certain basic amount in order to qualify for the scheme. Example, an employee aged 35 needs to have at least RM50,000 and above to qualify. Excess of the RM50,000 can be withdrawn for investment. However, member can only withdraw 30% of that excess every 3 months to do investment.

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Account B

30% of employee’s monthly contribution goes into this account. Employee can withdraw from this account for housing, education and medical. Member can also withdraw full or part from this account when reaching the age of 50.


With this scheme, employees can boost their retirement fund through investing. It is a highly regulated investment scheme, only approved funds and financial institutions are permitted to manage this scheme. Its strict regulations are meant to protect the interest of the employees.